Sunday, November 6, 2011

An Explanation for My Unintentional Hiatus

My sincerest apologies to the five people who noticed that I haven't posted in months. To give the condensed version of the events which have unfolded since I last posted: I was promoted, my job became terrible, my life became my job, and I forgot what it was like to have thoughts that existed outside the realm of work related emails. There is an upside, which is that I've lost more than 20 pounds and now actually fit into those pants I've owned since I was 20, which I ought to be too ashamed to admit that I still carry around the globe with me, but am not.

Also, other things happened. I briefly spent weekends hanging out with a former student and his girlfriend, as they took me on museum tours, a boat, bickered amongst themselves, and treated me somewhat like a zoo animal. That was a bit weird, but I did get some sightseeing in. We even went to an actual zoo. I also briefly spent other weekends hanging out with some other guy and his friend, who I accidentally met in a bar the night that the former student showed up at my door without the girlfriend, demanding we go drinking, because apparently I'm that person. I accidentally went on a date with the other guy, because apparently those are the only kinds of dates that I know how to go on. He barely spoke English, and I barely speak Russian, resulting in endless meaningful conversations, all of which will be typed up verbatim at a later date. So well these dates went, that we twice went out for coffee with his friend, who actually spoke English. I then briefly hung out with the English speaking friend, because obviously. I now no longer speak to any of these people.

I'm now at a crossroads where I've determined that I'm bored of defining myself by my job, but am still going out of my way to do things that end up in me doing just that. Will fix this.